Quality Policy

The primary goal of the Maxwell Engineering Operations Pty. Ltd. is to meet requirements of customers, legislation as well as standards to achieve a leading position as a supplier of precision machining services to the mining, rail, defence, agriculture and associated industries.

Maxwell Engineering wants to ensure consistency in our service to our customers and to create a secure and highly versatile work place for its employees.

A number of measurable quality objectives, directly linked to the primary goal, have been established and information related to these objectives will be collected and reviewed at regular intervals. Where corrective action is needed to ensure achievement of the objectives, management will implement these actions.

Measurable objectives include, but are not necessarily limited to the following:

  • no customer complaints due to unacceptable quality of product or services
  • striving for a customer satisfaction of 100%
  • only checked and OK goods & services are passed to the next process

Maxwell Engineering is committed to the development, implementation and maintenance of a quality management system which, as a minimum, meets the requirements of the internationally recognised standard AS/NZS 9001:2016 Quality Systems - Quality Management System Requirements.

In doing so we will ensure that our quality management system:

  • is appropriate for the company,
  • ensure our documented and implemented management system is suitable for the needs and requirements of our customers,
  • understand and meet or exceed those customer needs and requirements,
  • ensure the management system incorporates features which promote continual improvement at all levels in the organisation,
  • ensure the management system is communicated, understood and implemented throughout the organisation and
  • carry out regular reviews to ensure the system’s suitability and effectiveness.

Maxwell Engineering is a QMS approved company Accreditation by the Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand. Acc No S1410994MA

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